List all ARM VMs in azure

Below script will list all ARM VMs in Azure



How to remove @ from array when working with JSON on Azure

When you work with JSON on powershell to chnage/replace arrays/list . you will see Convertto-Json will change your Azure compliant ARM template and put @ in front of arrays. This may cause issues in deployment.

Filter : {@{resource=; resourcegroup=}}

Output : 

“resource”: {
“property”: “name”,
“condition”: “like”,
“resourcetype”: “*”
“resourcegroup”: {
“property”: “resourcegroupname”,
“condition”: “like”,
“subscription”: “sub-xyz”

Enable Accelerated Networking

When Azure planned reboots occurred we have seen performance degradation on several VMs . Here is the quick fix which doesn’t cost anything extra.

We need to enable Accelerated networking to overcome this problem . process is pretty simple

Note : This solution only works on VM that is not a member of availability set.

Steps to enable accelerated networking

  1. Deallocate VM
  2. Note NIC Name and resource group name where nic reside
  3. Assign new NIC to VM
  4. Deallocated old nic .
  5. Run below on cloudshell


  1. Assign old nic back to the VM
  2. Deallocated new NIC and start VM

How to use Classic Azure Express Route Powershell